6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey masterxeon1001,
    I bought your Hard Ops AddOn and I´m totally happy with this. Great work!
    I´ts make my work much easyer and the result looks more realistic.
    But If I could wish for something, that would be a video tutorial step by step with simple examples. Your timelapse videos are great but it is sometimes difficult to understand what you are doing there.

    Greetings and thanks
    Bark from Berlin

  2. Hi,
    What about newer versions of HO, Will I get free update? Just asking, I’m just ready to buy.
    This is not great work, is much better than great. Really.

  3. Thank You, but I was asking if I buy HardOps will I get for example in version 008 a free update. The same for BoxCutter. You know, I buy it once and get free updates later, or not.

    Thx in advance for answer.

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