Deux Update. June


In the shadows I work on improving and updating Deux. He will live on forever in my heart.

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This one was a collab with Nick Sho Ito rendered in c4d and composited in photoshop. Vote for Deux.
I also had Tony Leonard help me real quick with a gun concept for him as well.

He seriously drew it in like 30 seconds. It was just amazing. Check him out. He’s a large part behind my rapid improvements.
I modeled it in Blender and did some last minute scaling to get it to be a pistol. Afterwards I did a paint-over of the render in Photoshop.

Afterwards a quick render was setup to show him with the gun this time before he goes back to the editing bay.  Had some 2d heroes drooping some advice on the composition and pose. Fun times.


There was no reek on GOT this week. Sup with that. Team goldmask amirite? They was pegging the hell out of that dragon. Ain’t seen one in forever and was dropping unsullied and giving dragons the business. Hahah.