Hard Ops (CSlice)

Ever wondered if you could cut a shape out even quicker? That’s the basic idea behind csplit. I’m sure you may be asking. Faster than rebool? Yes…

Even faster than rebool. This operation doesn’t even require you cut into it initially with ctrl + (-). You can literally take a solid model and select the recipient and just press Q >> CSlice. Here it is in action.

CSlice In Action.

The rebool option is still there since I personally like it. However now theres 2 alternate ways to go about it.

Now lets take that and compare it to the rebool.

They both have their merits but are both part of hard ops.

One of the other benefits to cslice is it works with multiple objects as well!


Cslice With Multiple Objects


Before Cslice.


After Cslice.



new versus old.