Hard Ops (Meshtools) Object Mode

Meshtools (Object Mode)

Meshtools is a menu with operations for object mode which I felt are essential. There are still many more things I want to do for this menu as well as making options more versatile and user friendly so they may be subject to change. There’s also edit mode options but we’ll go over that 2nd.




Twist 360

The first thing in this list is Twist 360. This is basically an operator that bends an object in 360 degrees as well as array on the x-axis. The operator also has destructive and non destructive behavior so you can either apply it immediately and get the origin reset to a better area.


So basically I modelled a quick piece and then positioned it in front view and deleted the side faces to prevent interior faces after the operation. From there I went into Meshtools >> Twist 360. The F6 menu offers an area for setting the amount of segments as well as if it’s destructive or non destructive. Non destructive will keep the modifiers present so you’d be able to make more changes and it will continue through the array. Destructive will apply it as well as set up the origin cursor to the center.


X-Symmetrize will symmetrize the mesh in edit mode destructively which can be useful similar to zbrush’s mirror and weld. Sometimes I want a mirror modifier and sometimes I just want it mirrored. All the options have a reverse option as well so if you are working left to right or right to left it will accommodate your needs.

Symmetrize with reverse option

The other options for Y and Z are the same thing and are self explanatory. I use these quite a bit since I don’t always want a mirror modifier present. Also once you set the reverse off or on it remembers it the next time you run it making it fairly predictable.





P-Unwrap was a script written by Pawel Lyczkowski


This script basically was created to unwrap meshes made with Hard Ops or even boolean related workflows. This was the first one added and has it’s uses. While the UV packing isn’t the most efficient it gets the job done quick and dirty so you can get onto texture painting. It’s worth mentioning that Ngons have the worst luck for unwrapping but the 2nd unwrap is an optimal solution to the issues presented with an ngon workflow. This is sometimes the better tool of the two however at least you have options.


C-Unwrap was a script written by Adrian Rutkowski


This script was created recently by an artist I call AR. He’s been an essential member in the creation and refinement of hard ops. This script unlike P-Unwrap has a better chance of unwrapping ngons enough to get it exported to a texture painting application. It’s not to say one is better than the other but each one excels at different shapes. It’s worth experimenting with to try and find which solution works for you but Hard Ops couldn’t succeed without some sort of unwrapper for these meshes.

P-Unwrap vs C-Unwrap

I put a uv checkerboard in the color channel of my material so I could see the UVs in action. You see with P-Unwrap sometimes N-gons have issues with distortion however this is something solved better with C-Unwrap. These options are still experimental however they are worth checking out when exporting hard surface meshes.


SCleanRecenter  is a script that was intended to do 3 things.

  1. Remove sharps
  2. Recenter Origin On Geometry
  3. Reset location, rotation and scale to the center of the grid

It’s a rather simple operator that I plan to expand on however this is only used in certain situations. Like using the Twist 360 non destructively and want to apply it while also removing doubles. That’s basically it. Sometimes I find myself doing all the steps manually and therefore I wanted a button to make it easier.


ApplyAll( -L)

ApplyAll( -L) – is a button just for the purpose of applying rotation and scale but not location. I just use this in sitations where I need to apply both with delay. It’s really that simple.


Mesh Tools – Object Mode

Mesh Tools – Edit Mode

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Hard Ops Introduction

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