Hard Ops 0096: Proxium

2.79 has been an era. This release was pretty planned out. Just adding a few boolean tools and call it a day. So I asked AR if he had something to add, expecting him to say no. He was like nah I got something major to add. After much tweaking I am proud to announce the final-ish HOps for 2.79.

It is recommended to update to the latest build via the buildbot. Users have reported issues with 2.79B. If you are having issues with 3d box crashing please try updating Blender. This has been found to resolve most of the issues.

The next update will be for 2.8.

Boolean Scrolling

When AMD was planning to have me test a Threadripper 2 I wanted to have some tools that could push a processor to the max with booleans stacked on booleans. In the end I was getting to 70+ booleans on a model and then found I could isolate things and tweak them to make endless variants. So in a way AMD was the cause of this shift of workflow.

Scroll Booleans / Additive Scroll / Object Scroll

Scroll Booleans – allows user to cycle through all booleans active on a model. Meshes are made visible to quickly identifying and tweaking a boolshape in an isolated state.


Additive Scroll – allows user to scroll through a series of booleans in order to rebuild a shape selectively or shape by shape.


Object Scroll – helps users locate and enable a particular boolshape or series of boolshapes. (I also use this to select a single boolshape while hiding all other then LMB and hide the shape selected)


Toggle Boolean Visibility

Allows user to toggle all booleans off. This will allow users to move parts around then re-enable for performance efficient working.


These options are part of the Q >> Operations >> BoolScroll

We plan to make them more prominent and possibly merge into 1 in future versions.


Qarray has been updated to now support multiple objects. Also the default array is now constant instead of relative. This allows users to array multiple objects and press S (applies scale during modal) to ensure they array evenly and equally.


In the above example I also parented with ctrl + P >> Curve Deform following the array to deform and continue to tweak.


Tthick now supports multiple objects.


Reset Axis +

Reset axis was formerly a series of options but now it has been merged into 1 tool.


When 1 object is selected you can reset the axis globally.

When 2 objects are selected it will reset the origin according to the 2nd object.

I use reset axis quite a bit and I hope you are able to find a use out of its evolution.

Now for the highlight of this release. We originally had this planned for 2.8, however AR bought it over to 2.79 HOPS for this release and expanded it.

Destructive / Non Destructive Mode

In the ctrl + ~ >> HOPS Helper >> Misc tab there is an option at the top for destructive / non destructive modes.



Destructive offers the same classic behavior users have come to expect.


Modifier order is determined by user behavior. This is the way things have always been. Even in destructive ctrl + numpad minus cuts are still handled the same. And as always Q >> Csharpen will make this cut real.


Non Destructive

Non destructive is similar to an extent.


Notice that the live cut also inherited the bevel. This is what non-destructive will offer users. However it goes farther. At the moment of the gif above the bevel mod is set to angle and the boolean is first in the stack.


The shift of bevel mod from angle to weight is done by csharp as the boolean is applied allowing users to continue in a csharp state.

We plan to furter expand on these workflows and behaviors but consider this us sticking our flag in the task.


Slice has once again received an upgrade.

There is a destructive and non destructive variant.

Destructive – behaves as before. Slices one and done.


Non Destructive –  everything is kept live. Csharp to apply.


In closing. I am working on a robot for AMD using 2.79. I hope you check it out!

Part 2 coming soon.threadox1_3.png


Special thanks to: AR, proxe, redfrost. Teamwork is the secret. I am thankful everytime we come together for another release. Let’s keep goin!


We hope you continue to enjoy HardOps and report any support issues to my email (masterxeon1001@gmail.com).

Boxcutter 6.9.0 : Poly Dirk

This is the final-ish Boxcutter for Blender 2.79+.

It is recommended to update to the latest build via the buildbot. Users have reported issues with 2.79B. If you are having issues with 3d box crashing please try updating Blender. This has been found to resolve most of the issues.

The next update will be for 2.8.

Boxcutter has had a few small changes and improvements mainly bugfixes.

The D menu has been adjusted and a new workflow mode for Destructive and Non-Destructive is in the pie menu.



Behaves as classic in red box 2d/3d. Just cuts and is done.


Yellow box is also connected to desctuctive / non destructive.



Booleans are kept as modifiers if shift is not held.


Yellow box also has a non-destructive counterpart.


Grey Box Deselect

This one was requested by Jama.


Grey box deselect will auto deselect the grey box allowing for rapid grey box creation.


I can’t wait to see what is done with it.


For those who use Boxcutter without Hard Ops >> SSharpen. Boxcutter now sets autosmooth for those who cut the greys. Just better shading.


There are many additional bugfixes in addition to small enhancements.

  • NGON doubleclick error

  • HOPS not present error

  • dead boolean error resolved

  • boolean naming convention

  • low level boolean application

  • local mode fixes

  • 3d box improvements

  • hops integration matcut improvements


We hope you continue to enjoy Boxcutter and report any support issues to my email (masterxeon1001@gmail.com).