Quick Rant

grammar issues everywhere…. you’ve been warned. Just a quick speech I gave someone over IM because they said they we’re able to get inspired. I hope it helps you guys too. It’s about how I get inspired in 3d personally.

so your page took a long time to load
because i sent like 30 pictures haha
but i saw images 100x better than the man im talking to
so pick yourself up
personally i think you need to dive slightly deeper and attach a story to your next character
and just let that drive his/her/heshe’s development
when im uninspired i make boards of people i wish i could be like
and then i trace shapes and look at how simple they are alone
and slowly i realize i can make them and i can do it instead of tracing them
but i also have levels of function
so on my best day i sit down and tear it up
but on a mediocre day i just make small parts
like the ones on those robots
ill just make insert meshes
like 30 – 40
duplicate them make vairants
and change em slightly or dramatically
then duplicate again and repeat
then do a round of putting them together
end up with all sorts of crazy ideas. but its all about perception man
you gotta fight man its a competetvie field
get mad
not sad
bite your pen and get back in the game
because while you sleep i work to surpass you
and while i sleep chineese people surpass me
when i die only my art will remain
and if you have given your life to the polygon the same goes for you

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