Black Ops 3 Beta – Fun Times

I have has the pleasure recently of being able to play the COD BO3 Beta for the Playstation 4! It has been a hell of an experience. I absolutely love it! Now issues aside this has been a good chance to get a taste of the gameplay and I for one look forward to the future. The more aerial we get, the better. You can now run on walls use special abilities specific to your character in addition to all the expected revamps. This demo is faster and more furious than previous iterations and that’s a good thing. If I had any complaints at all they would be.

-One Shot – you know I love it. Where is it?

-Customization for characters – nuff said.

-Reverse trigger functions compared to Advanced Warfare.

The last one really irks me I mean, Cmon whats up with that? I hate it when I can’t use the same controls. The controls I call the COD controls! Its not that big of a deal but its my only complaints.

When you’re running and gunning while running on walls with the ability to rewind time. It’s an experience that is unreal. I have played all of the COD titles and the farther we move from WW2 the better. The environments look amazing and diving into the water to swim and lurk is great. I cannot wait to this to come out. But enough ranting! Heres a clip from me playing earlier!

Add me on PS4: finaleX

It also goes without saying. Gun porn. These guns look amazing. Sometimes I die because I’m looking for facets in the modelling.


One thought on “Black Ops 3 Beta – Fun Times

  1. I must admit that when I see some reviews I crave for the good old days, when I still gamed. I had to give it up because it was taking over my life, but I so loved every edition of CoD and this looks cool. 🙂

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