Hard Ops 0079 Update


It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of Hard Ops 0079. The intermediate release on the road to Hard Ops 8 and the last of the 007 series.


It was intended to be a small bugfix but has become a very nice release.

I’ll start off talking about the most exciting part added.

UV Preview!

I even made a whole video about it.

2016-04-17_09-33-14This was a feature I had dreamed about for the longest and it was made possible via your friendly neighborhood Python.


Plus he recently updated Animation Nodes!

In case you weren’t familiar, there was a UV unwrapping script made by PLyczkowski that was being used in Hard Ops.


Previously there was Punwrap and Cunwrap. However that might have been overkill and not clear so they have been combined into a new unwrapper called the X-Unwrap.


It does the functions on both of them however its just a quick and dirty unwrapper for hard surface meshes. We have also made some additional improvements for ngons and cstepped meshes. Which is where this thing really shines. Sometimes you just want to unwrap and move on. Especially with pieces that aren’t the forefront. It really exists just to make it easier for people using texturing suites like Quixel or Allegorithmic.

In other news there is also a Pro mode for Hard Ops now. It can be enabled in preferences and is disabled by default. This isn’t a pro mode as much as it is a way to keep Hard Ops under control.

I personally tend to take clicks, double clicks and repeated clicks into consideration. So some of the parameters exposed are my way of testing alternative ways of doing things however they may not be best for new users and users not familiar with my way of working. To new users coming to Hard Ops it might be overwhelming and confusing especially since most of the things done are under the hood.

Hard Ops Without Pro

Hard Ops without pro options is pretty straighforward. It is as direct as I can simplify the menus at this time however I am looking into ways to having the operators act differently as well.

Hard Ops Pro mode with and without

So you can see all the additional options that are enabled. These aren’t used by most people however now it can be a choice and we can make a cleaner Hard Ops. I might begin polling to see how people are handling functions and which ones they like and maybe a vote for revamps or something.

Speaking of revamps. AR in the shadows always improving things, has improved the Tthick to an amazing level. Previously the Tthick was adding a solidify however I wanted to use this as a tool for robot workflows by being able to shift the thickness offset and rim primarily to get a very specific and interactive solidify.

During Tthick you can press 1,2,3 to toggle -1,0,1 offsets on the solidify. This was a very exciting feature and I did a whole series of robots as a result.

Image series: H6

Super Saiyan Bankai Tthick

So did everyone like the modifier helper? I hope so. It’s one of my favorite additions to Hard Ops. Thanks to MKB, AR, and everyone else it has been expanded! Now in additions to modifiers you can also adjust materials on a basic level. It’s still a work in progress but I didn’t want to hold up the release on a material panel.

Material Helper V1

The material helper is part of my lifelong dream to use blender with no UI until I need it. The power of python astounds me repeatedly when I keep telling myself I’ve seen it all. Blender and its expand ability and customization is top notch compared to other software and I hope the spirit of 2.8 is still that same power in the hands of the users. Everyone should code something in some way. It’s the best way to understand this dragon called Blender.

Radial array is also added in the preliminary stages. I want to have it be less destructive on the meshes being rotated but it’s a nice start. Jyri wrote it a version ago and I forgot to enable it! It might be added the the Q Array as an additional functionality but that’s for the future. Atwist 360 is also still available. However this might replace it once it comes to fruition.


Radial Array




Some of the additional options are status override and status reset. These two are under pro options but are a fun time when you get to using them.

The 3 options at the top of the Q menu change according to mesh context. There is also a panel to change the context of the mesh manually basically allowing you to override your workflow with Hard Ops. This sounds boring in context but in usage is quite exciting since you can force the mesh into different workflows.


So being able to work like this opens up new possibilities for me however when going from cstep to csharp you will want to use a larger angle than 30 degrees for recalculating bevels in order to prevent ruining your mesh.

Meshtools Extended

Inside of meshtools is the status override we discussed previously. However there is also the status reset. This is the most used part of status overide. Just reset it back to undefined. By doing this I can start over at any point on the mesh and use the basic options to work.

If you need help spacebar >> learning >>


The tools are just as important as being able to teach people how to use it effectively. I read a review where they said there wasn’t enough training. So I took it to heart and tried to fix it for new users or those who could use a helping hand. Same goes with criticism and comments. I take it all into consideration. Negative or not and try to find what information can be used to improve the user experience. People get passionate about their buttons… I understand.

There’s many more improvements and resolutions for previous glitches not to mention new ones added. I’m sure I am also missing more new features but I’ll leave that for the users to discover.

So I hope everyone enjoys this latest update from TeamC and thank everyone for reading this and your support. It keeps this product alive.

Also if youre making awesome stuff with Hard Ops let me know! I’m always looking for more operatives to add to the gallery!

15 thoughts on “Hard Ops 0079 Update

  1. Awesome addon! Thanks!

    On my Mac, I am getting this from command line

    $ /Applications/blender.app/Contents/MacOS/blender
    Read new prefs: /Users/foo/Library/Application Support/Blender/2.77/config/userpref.blend
    found bundled python: /Applications/blender.app/Contents/MacOS/../Resources/2.77/python
    bpy.utils.register_module(): failed to registering class
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/Applications/blender.app/Contents/MacOS/../Resources/2.77/scripts/modules/bpy/utils/__init__.py”, line 603, in register_module
    RuntimeError: Error: Registering operator class: ‘makeTaperOperator’, invalid bl_idname ‘hops.make_Taper’, at position 10
    Registered Hard Ops v.0079(f) with 70 modules

    Any tips on how to get this to not throw an error?


    • sorry about that. Download the latest RC4 version from gumroad. It was a silent update. Sorry about that. It was an incomplete idea I forgot about. Just get the latest one and youll be fine.

      • Wow, this is great! I can’t wait to get good at using these tools!

        Also, just noticed line 10 of operators.misc.curve_toolsV1.py should be:

        bl_options = {“REGISTER”, “UNDO”}

        At least, that fixed an issue for me. 🙂

        Thanks again for your awesome work on this!!!! Super stoked. 🙂

  2. Hi Masterxeon – I’ve purchased Hard Ops and the Box Cutter plugins. I really like both, and have gotten great use out of them. I do however have a suggestion when it comes to the way that symmetrize works in Hard Ops. How about having a floating menu that allowed the user to selected which axis they’d like symmetries on (they could select multiple), as well as in a positive or negative direction. I’ll post a link to an image of what I’m thinking. I’ve tried posting this on Blenderartist – but my posts seem to take forever to get approved (I had to start a new account.)

    • we have an idea for the future of symmetrize but it might take a moment.
      When hops mode is implemented all the operators will be reapproached. I have a plan for the symmetrize but right now its a bit odd.

  3. Hello folks, i’m fairly new to blender but I have been told this hard ops add on would speed up my developments quite a bit, is their an demo download version that I could use the tools avaliable for a while? Couple of days to a week??

    I’m just really curious at using this myself, looks fabulous in the videos and I want to see if I can be just as useful at using it 🙂

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