BoxCutter 6: MatScythe

It is with great pleasure that we release Boxcutter 6: MatScythe.

The top file is always the latest.

Like Hard Ops 0087, Boxcutter 6 has also received abilities to cut materials via the Hard Ops connection among many other things. This means if you have Hard Ops installed and you set up the material cutting in the material helper or t panel subsequent boolean operations will use that same behavior.

Material Cutting –


This was something I have wanted for a long time. The process of cutting objects and assigning materials was significantly lessened with Hard Ops but BoxCutter just makes a joke out of the whole idea by making it a quick operation. The necessity that caused this feature to be born is undeniable…. spaceships.

Cutting Improvements –


Even in the last gif one thing was apparent. The cutting system has improved. This started in Hard Ops but has also been passed into Boxcutter. Thanks to enhancements by proxe and AR now the cutting process will not affect the naming which will protect complex relationships like modifiers and constraints which happened alot when using the yellow split with the old system.

*this isn’t to say it’s perfect. just improved dramatically. expect occasional glitches and odd behavior


Snapping Improvements / Grid System –

In Boxcutter you can start snapping with shift + z. Now there is a grid.


The snapping system was a novel implementation in the first version and now that has been taken to another level with the grid snapping. This is still very much still a work in progress so this is the initial implementation.

Now the snapping indicator will disappear in edit mode which was an annoying old bug. The grid will not show if the zoom level is too high or too low which also prevented a crash.


Roll / Dolly Unlock –

This isn’t a feature. We’re just giving back what we took.


alt + shift + scroll

ctrl + shift + scroll

This wasn’t supposed to even be an issue but here it was.


Rotate Box –

The box has always been an area where we test things that we want to do elsewhere. And now boxes can spin. While drawing the box press R.


This is just an experimentation so it may or may not be developed further depending on use cases.

Final Notes –

Hard Ops and Boxcutter are like 2 sides of a coin for us. When something is complicated it’s Hard Ops. But when it comes to the cutter that’s all Boxcutter. I hope everyone enjoys the latest update and continues to email me about bugs and feature requests. It’s the users that keep this tool alive.



3 thoughts on “BoxCutter 6: MatScythe

  1. Masterxeon1001, not sure if its just me learning all the programs you have created with your team which fascinates me more than the traditional hard modeling. I was using the most current iteration of boxcutter 6 and I noticed after making three cuts and rotating the cube and trying to make another cut on the side of the same cube box cutter went AWOL on me. It was still in object mode and everything but it would not cut anything after the initial top box cuts. Not sure if I can re-create this again tonight when I get home but it had me very puzzled.

    • yeah if possible get me a screenshot or terminal info as well as that helps with bugfixes. I definetely expect that this release will need another silent update to get everything on track since it was such a radical change in the last update. Im glad to hear youre enjoying the tools.

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