Secret Demo

For Uving for Substance Painter I have been experimenting with different types of Uving worflows. For example sometimes I UV islands based off of material selection which can be quicker however doing just regular old UV by manifold piece can be easier. The advantages of each are pretty different yet useful in their own capacity.

Material based uvs offer cleaner separation at lower resolutions whereas manifold based Uving can be more textile space however may require baking to get the initial separations in the map for other applications and further down the line. Uving isn’t the best topic to talk about however I do cover it at length in a video about Uving.

The real topic to discuss is Substance Painter. Recently I got a friend who is much better than me at art using the software so the demo is really for the TKs out there who are trying to get started quickly. In the video you see my use the UV map for material separation. However it was a color map to the easiest way to set it up was to put it on a layer as a bitmap mask then right click add a levels and then tweak it to be sharper. Levels are everywhere so I won’t go into that. The wear was done via the generator mg mask.

This is a very good masking system for separating wear to be adjusted separately on the wear and tear. I tweak the settings to perfection and then add height to the mix. The basics of the software are covered in my free introduction on my Youtube. There is also a full course in depth on my process too but just wait until the new one gets released. Enough talking about the process. Here’s a live demo of one of the chapter for an unnamed upcoming course.

Check out his artstation! And also stay tuned.

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