B3d: Subtractive Mesh Kit – P2: Concepting Sci-Fi Floors

I am pleased to show off an idea for making a kitbash set of purely subtractive elements for the rapid prototyping of hard surface objects. In this video I demonstrate how I go about using them to make a series on sci-fi floors. I also am working on a guidebook about hard surface that for now is being leaked to patrons and select people however once complete I plan to release to the masses.

When it comes to cool shapes I use pinterest to catalog all the brilliant people I admire and wish to be more like.

Check out my patreon where you can get the source files and the subtractive kit as well as “Hard Times and Even Harder Surfaces: A Guide To Hard Surface With masterxeon1001”


These files will also be added to the Asset Collection as a demo that is a free gift to all who purchased the collection. This collection is litterally the most meshes ever and is a great way to kitbash ideas as well as build robots!


Ntest13(4) nt13(3)  Ntest13(3)Ntest13(2)


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