Boxcutter 711 Release Notes

Before installing Boxcutter update Blender. Blender 2.8 must be current.

Less than a month ago 710 was released. We’re back again with a slew of enhancements for those trips to boxCity. It is with great pride I announce the release of

Boxcutter BetaScythe : 711


Normally Boxcutter has a cool name to signify an era of developmental endeavors but this one is BetaScythe so it has no name. What I mean to say is we’re just getting started. The name will come.

Releasing this finally allows us to next add widgets, drawing, points, better edit mode, and all the visual flair that users need and I miss designing or trying to(with collaboration). The next goals after this are more ambitious than ever before and we aim only to be the best. Boxcutter 711 was a 24/7 endeavor and we cannot wait to impress you now and in the future. HOPS is already going slightly in that direction with it’s new active tools but we plan to enhance them both as we get better acquainted with 2.8s new systems.





99% of support issues involve updating Blender.

  • the rest is putting the folder in the right location. C:\Users\YOUR USER\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.80\scripts\addons
  • closing / reopening blender
  • loading factory defaults then enabling Boxcutter from a default install

Initially I wanted to add the new features to the previous log.


However many things have changed so lets have a reintroduction to Boxcutter 711.

After installation and enabling the add-on it you will be ready to begin.


New Features Of 711

For returning customers lets cut to the chase with the new features!lts56MQH8Q.gif

  • Boolshape sstatus for Hard OPS connection
    Boolshapes will now have support for the Hard Ops Q menu. The link for Hard Ops is intended to be in the background so no checkbox needed.
  • Edit Mode Live Support
    Edit mode live is still new to Boxcutter so boolean rules apply.
  • Live Blue Box w/selection support (F to flip selection)
  • Purple Box Initial Reimplementation (Z toggles to purple box / T adjusts thickness)
    Also works in edit mode.
  • Icons
  • Redesigned Topbar
  • Redesigned Behavior Panel
  • Ctrl + D Shape Submenu Panel (only when boxcutter is active)
  • Speed Optimizations
    compare it to 710!
  • Bevel / Solidify / Array rememberance

    • Auto jump to last parameters when initialized.
  • Cutter Autohiding (cutters will be re-hidden on next cut)
  • Modifier removal with key double press during draw (ex b>>b or t>>t or v>>v)
  • Edit mode shift to Live
  • Quad Corners Toggle For Bevel
    g1MPS3DnW2.gifBevel settings can be pre-configured using the behavior panel.
    There you should be able to see quad bevel listed.
  • Neutral Grey Box (allows for make box when nothing is selected and drawn on the ground floor)
    It goes without saying that many bugs were also squashed.


Post Release Updates

Boxcutter has been updated 19 times since this announcement to ensure the most seamless experience.

Part of our live update process is following up on release to ensure minimal errors and squashing buts proactively and doing live silent updates for the first 72 hours.

Post release updates. Boxcutter has received updates since this update on (2-18). We are committed to ensuring all users can work without error.

  • Fix for ngon.
  • Fallback orientation system implemented to ensure smooth experience
  • Toggle for Alt + W orientation toggling between cursor and surface
  • Presets for circle / ngon in Ctrl + D boxcutter helperZRJTF5jyjr.gif
  • Quick Execute (Auto Lazercut)
  • Link to user discord / documentation via help button.
    Ctrl + click to go to the documentation. (this page)

    Boxcutter 711.5 update (2/22)

  • Mirror (inherent) press 1 2 3 or use the button for mirror.
  • BC gizmo resets multiple objects for axis clicked with ctrl + shift
  • Auto parent checkbox
  • Tthick red to purple transition fix.


More Videos






For new users a proper introduction would be in order.

Getting Started

Boxcutter can be started 1 of 3 ways.

  • press Alt + W

  • click the Boxcutter icon in the T-Panel





Basic Usage

Once active Boxcutter can be used to draw on the mesh to cut using LMB by default.


Click drag to make a 2d shape then drag down to extrude depth. LMB to apply or TAB to drop the shape and use any of the other following options.

  • H – Hide Shape (wire display)
  • B – Bevel (scroll wheel for segments)
  • V – Array (x and y for axis with F to flip to – or + )
  • T – Solidify (add thickness to the shape during draw.
  • E – Extrude / O – Offset (fine adjustment of top or bottom of shape)

You are also able to press the following to change the shape outcome on the fly.

  • X – Slice
  • Z – Inset
  • J – Join
  • A – Make
  • K – Knife

During the shape drawing and locked state of a shape all the hotkeys are available for modifying and perfecting the shape during operation. The buttons up top, the D menu and the Ctrl + D are also at your disposal for fine adjustment / modification even during operation.

When the shape is paused or locked you are able to double click to apply or RMB to cancel.

Boxcutter can be used in object or edit mode.

There are 3 shapes to get started with.

  • Box
  • Circle
  • Ngon


These are able to be setup at the top of the screen before and during operation however this is also a D pie menu.


Also for faster adjustments and even parameters connected to the operation at hand there is the ctrl + D popup.


Advanced Usage

Alt + W starts Boxcutter however it should also be known alt +W also toggles orientation from cursor grid to surface.

When rotating the cursor grid it is important to note that to rotate the grid you can drag a rotate gizmo then press R to start the operation.


There is a checkbox next to NonDestructive/Destructive behavior toggle for applying modifiers.


Edit mode is now possible with all cutters. Holding shift to keep it live in edit mode is also possible now.


It’s best to show this in action. Even the new inset (purple) is in edit mode.



Fun Things to Try

Model out a curved shape and try purple box on it! Its fun for making spaceships! Of course with Hard Ops (alt + X) mirror do not use bisect (creates a hole) use modifier.


Inset is perfect for curved surfaces due to how it works. Even though it’s the most unused / unloved box we intend to to make it better than ever.


Circle with bevel is also legendary and this is before we revisit the circle to really show you something you never expected.



Its fun to get crazy with however we do see a growing need for pre-emptive snapping and face locking shapes and also the ability to relocate them.

Using Hard Ops is is possible to get circles to be more controllable. Our goal is to of course make Boxcutter fully capable of solving all of it’s own problems.


Press H during draw for wire view!


In this image using mirroring was in optimal due to the shape so using the 2 mirror tool in Hard Ops was the optimal solution.


Boxcutter UI In Detail


The topbar is one way to access the many options of Boxcutter and customizing the behavior to your liking.



Initial Cut Mode

  • Cut – Red
  • Slice – Yellow
  • Inset – Purple
  • Join – Green
  • Knife – Blue
  • Grey – Make

Shape Types

  •  Box
  • Circle
  •  Ngon

Modifier Types

  • Array
  • Bevel
  • Solidify

Orientation Modes

  • Object
  • Surface (default)
  • World

Destructive / Non Destructive Toggle w/ Apply Modifier Checkbox

Behavior Panel w/Pause Play button for instant cut or delayed feedback



The workspace area has been reworked into a temporary help of sorts. This is intended to help new users get acquainted quicker with boxcutter in the meantime until a proper internal help system is implemented.

To show how the workspace looks in action.


Behavior Panel

The first time you access the behavior panel it will be noticeably thinner.


However, expanded we can see the actual scope of the types of behaviors that matter to us and how custom the experience of boxcutter can be.


The first new to 711 feature listed is wires only. Which reduces the opacity of shaped drawn and will draw only wires which can be useful for colorless situations.


Behavior Panel

  • Active Only (cuts only the active mesh in a multi mesh selection situation)
  • Quick Execute (uses lazercut for every cut removing the extrude process from drawing)
  • Apply Slices (when using yellow box slices will have the intersect modifier applied making them easier to deal with)
  • Auto Smooth (sets auto-smooth on the mesh and the cutter to ensure proper shading result)
  • Preserve Non-D (allows for edit mode cutting with automatic toggle to non destructive for edit mode)
  • Shift to active (when shift is used to keep the shape after a cut the shape will be selected for quick placement or adjustment)
  • Simple Trace (recommended for high poly unmodified cutting. Allows for speed but doesnt take modifiers into account so surface draw can be inaccurate)
  • Sort Modifiers (sorts modifiers automatically to ensure stack remains stable and mesh is optimal)


  • Offset (determines offset from surface before draw)
  • Lazorcut Limit (determines minimal extrusion for lazorcut to be activated)
  • Circle Verts
  • Inset Thickness (initial thickness for the purple inset box)
  • Array Count
  • Solidify Thickness (initial thickness for solidify modifier)
  • Bevel Width (initial bevel amount for bevel modifier)
  • Bevel Segments (initial bevel segments for bevel modifier)
  • Quad Bevel (bevels using alternate system that reduces poles and gives cleaner result with bevel)
  • Straight Corner Flow (straitens out the edges for bevel corners to prevent distortion)


  • Drag Threshold (pixels of movement needed to begin draw) (connected to blender parameter)

Hard Ops optional (requires Hard Ops)

  • Material cut (allows for a specified material to be applied during slice)

Final Notes

AR and Proxe were legendary during this release fixing bugs and talking to me about Boxcutter 24/7. This update has been in the works since before 710 with many of the changes happening up until the period on this sentence. Even at 4:00AM we’re still up ranting about boxes and cutters and… doubles. Teamwork is the best part of collaboration and I look forward to many more box adventures with the team.

Shoutout to William Reynish for assistance on the icons. Also Campbell for sending us the much needed .blend file.

Anyone who emails me is a legend. I am grateful for any email and even the support issues are a pride in our ability to effectively resolve. if you have support issues.

34 thoughts on “Boxcutter 711 Release Notes

  1. I took care to update to the latest version of Blender 2.8 before posting.

    With the latest update to Boxcutter, it seems some of Blender’s functionality has been lost. Namely the ability to select a face/edge/vert and ctrl-click another distant vert, drawing the shortest distance between them (universally awesome for marking seams). I’ve also lost the functionality of being able to click-drag-to-move a selection (rather than pressing G or using the move widget).
    Also strange errors are popping up for me where the square drags but doesn’t cut at all (or cuts the bottom of the mesh and nothing else). I usually have to restart HOPs to fix it. It happens often enough that I’d be happy to share the results if need be.
    All in all, thanks for this wonderful addon. I may be skipping the latest update; hopefully these errors are only mine and everyone is enjoying this awesome tool. Cheers!

    • if you adjust the orientation it might help. I believe you may be on world or cursor without knowing which might make the experience more difficult.

      alt + W also changes the orientation to surface or grid and world which can be confusing as a new behavior in this update. We might be putting the behavior behind a checkbox for gently guiding in new users more effectively since that was a drastic change but it was intended to allow for rapid grid removal.

      Sorry for the confusion on that.

      Also lets see that error. We can refine this release to perfection with more info. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. Hello masterxeon

    hardly I can install BoxC. I got latest build (February 16) — loaded blender from default settings, extracted hopsBox bundle to c:/users….2.8…addons and I got couple of traceback errors

    dont know how to paste screenshot

  3. i bought the Ultimate Bundle on I have re-DL’ed the BoxCutter(2.8) file, and it seems to still be in v.7.0.8. Has this not been updated yet, or am i doing something wrong?

  4. Hi. Installed latest Boxcutter and very latest Blender build. Can`t cut without a Lattice modifier automatically appearing with the cutter. I`m a bit daft and can`t work it out.

  5. Hi.
    Love BoxCutter and HardOps, just bought the bundle and started working with them in Blender 2.8. I have the latest Blender build from yesterday, 2.80.57, and BoxCutter 7.1.2 from a yesterday as well.

    With BoxCutter I have a very consistent Crash-To-Desktop of Blender using the following steps:

    – Start with fresh scene
    – Do a few cuts to the standard cube
    – Do another cut, Undo (Cmd-Z)
    – Click on cube to do another cut
    – Crash

    I tried this several time. If I don’t use undo I can have a fairly long session without crashes but the moment I undo anything BoxCutter crashes Blender.


    • this is something we have been aware of. It more than likely was caused by something going on with 2.8 at this moment. We had to make a custom undo handler for BC to survive those changes. It should be only temporary while they mess with the apply system.
      We hope that they improve the affected systems soon but there is a change with blender and the way apply works which messes with undo.
      Its a random thing however coming up more and more rare but we hope to resolve this more in the next utility update.

  6. Please know that before you read on that I think your products are AMAZING and any frustration you sense is because all I wanna do is use them. Having said that:

    I am pretty frustrated, haha. I purchased both HardOps and BoxCutter via BlenderMarket because all the videos and demos I saw compelled me to get it. I’m sooo pumped, but also … frustrated. Here is why (bottomline): getting the addons to be properly installed.

    I have a few versions of Blender installed right now (I’m on Mac, btw) and I realize that Blender 2.8 is not officially released and that it’s constantly getting fresh updates etc but I think I’m at a point where I don’t wanna mess around with constantly updating getting a new build blah blah and trying to make this stuff work. SO …

    Since I bought the addons can I get OLDER versions of them too? SPECIFICALLY i think i’d like to just get whatever version you tell me will work solidly in 2.79b so that I can just use them.

    Don’t get me wrong I LOVE 2.8 and everything about it, but I just don’t wanna be frustrated trying to create right now ya know? So I’m thinking I’ll use 2.79 until the “dust settles.” Thoughts?


    • 2.79 versions are still provided. I would just install Boxcutter 690 or HardOps 0096 which were the 2.79 finale releases.

      For the 2.8 version just having a current 2.8 and getting them installed is enough. Some people just get em working then stop updating until they want to or have a technical issue but the 79 versions still exist for those who long for a more classic experience.

      Purchases are listed here.
      The 2nd zips we provide are for the 2.79 versions.

  7. I have the latest update of blender and of the boxcutter tool but each time I am try to use the box tool it just crashes blender without giving an error but figured it has to do with my gpu 3d is getting maxed out so I am curious if there is requirements to use this add on

    • Core 2 Duo / 4gb ram. I dunno probably the same as 2.8. However when you get to the nitty gritty when you draw a box the following occurs.

      The blender shader system is being used to make a shape at the cursor. And a mesh is created but hidden that is cutting away. So
      if there is an issue it has to be between those 2 steps. There is also a wire mode in prefs or press H during draw to draw using wire.

      But I have never heard any reports of gpus getting maxed out. What kinda gpu you got? Because intel iris is a different sort of issue and i couldnt begin to speculate on how older laptops are handling 2.8.

      • I have 2 gpus and blender is using the nvidia gpu it is nvidia geforce gtx 1060 with max-q design

      • then you may wanna make sure blender is up to date along with those drivers. I have a 1060 in my laptop and it works fine. Also the nuc has an AMD vega built in which also holds up. Anything past a gtx580 should have no problem at all. But we have the same sys reqirements as blender so with that in mind Im suspecting gpu drivers or something more specific.

  8. well i have the latest drivers for the gpu so I’m trying to see if I can overclock the gpu to see if that will let me use the box cutter if not then so be it

    • thats insane. I would recommend running blender via the cmd and see what the terminal output says when it crashes.

      Also if you can drop in we could check this out more intimately but its definitely a curiosity.

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