Boxcutter 6.8.9 Interdimensional GhostScythe

Boxcutter continues…


I know. We were just here talking about it.

This picture explains it all…


So Proxe returned right after we finished the last update and wanted to try something we had on the wish list. 3d Shapes. I was like well sure why not.

So without further ado…

>Note: 3d is only supporting box at this moment. Circle and ngon will be next but we want to make their 3d counterparts different and more powerful so everything here is just phase 1.

>Obligatory: Update is the top file with the highest number.


3d Box


If you have issues with 3d box and want to revert to classic this option is available.


How do I start 3d Boxcut!?

Ctrl + LMB Clicking and drawing on the surface will start 3d box.


If you start drawing in 3d space 2d box will be drawn.


Classic box has all the classics. Bevel and conversions. Right click the help for more info.


Notice that the help updates dynamically showing information varying from 2d information to 3d information. In boxcutter there are many hotkeys for 3d which is still a work in progress.

Lets see what 3d boxcutter is like.


3d Box In Depth Features

Local Mode 3d Box / Mirroring

In local mode you can take a shape for an adventure.


3d box has it’s own mirroring mode. And as you see it will remember it as you work so it keeps the instances going.


Edit Mode 3d Box (Tab)

If you press tab you can drop the shape. This is similar to 2d except for the addition of some dots.


Edit mode goes much deeper so I recommend checking out the hotkeys in the help display since they explain all the functions. Right click to open it

Rotate 3d Box (R)

Rotate is connected to the D property angle. Also note the mirror persists if the user set it on a previous cut.


Pressing X / Y or Z during rotate will make it rotate on another axis. This can sometimes have glitches so you have been warned.

Bevel / Solidify 3d Box (B) / (Q)

This feature was essential.

In 3d edit mode drag an edge to bevel. – and + keys to change segments.


There is also a 2nd bevel (Q) that reaches all the way around.


Array 3d Box (V)

Array is also present as an essential for 3d box.


Lazer Surface Cut (name pending)

This is basically a 2d cut on a 3d surface. Without depth it is supposed to cut through the form.


Lazer also cuts to depth with alt. It takes some practice but its there similar to 2d. The goal was to expand on the base.


Shift to live (shift on release)

This one is underrated. If you hold shift when you click or double click to apply the cube the boolean is kept live and the mesh is left behind.


This can allow me to prepare for what i want to do.


Precut the area with edit mode classic blue box. And then modify the boolshape to be more interesting with thickness with HOPS and some edit mode work.


The possibilities are endless.

Union Boxes (J)

Last minute addition. Pressing J will turn a box green making it a union box.


In closing. There are probably things I am missing but as we progressed it became apparent we couldn’t let this wait. We had to have users cutting in 3d immediately. So prepare you minds for whats to follow but this is the beginning of something much bigger.

Other bugs were fixed and I’m sure if something essential is missed I’ll update the page.

Box was just the start. I hope everyone enjoys!

Credits to proxe and AR who gave up their whole summer to work with and talk about boxes. They are truly legends and the collaboration with them has changed every aspect of how I model.

Yes we know 2.8 is a thing. When it’s time we’ll pounce and it’ll be great.




As with all updates glitches are expected and bugs. We hope to resolve them and ease the experience to even greater heights as this goes on. I thank everyone who supported this product and continues to share it’s news and word of mouth. The users keep the tools alive and I cannot stress that enough. As long as Boxcutter has fans we have ambitions to improve the workflow.

A few gifs from AR.



I was on CGC!

19 thoughts on “Boxcutter 6.8.9 Interdimensional GhostScythe

  1. This update is amazing. There is one thing though; a few of us work with a maya setup with alt + left to rotate around in our viewport. It’s not possible with left mouse to bevel. Is there a way this hotkey could be changed/editable?

    Thank you all for your amazing work! Legendary artist tools.


  2. You continue to blow my mind with these add-ons. I felt I got more than my money’s worth when I purchased HOps and BC back in 2016, but the amount of features and little convenience fixes added to both add-ons since is simply mind boggling.

    If someone is reading this and is on the fence about buying HOps&BC: do yourself a big favor and pull the trigger immediately. *EASILY* some of the best add-ons, paid or free, for Blender out right now and along with GroupPro have become indispensable for my Blender workflow (also highly recommend checking out machin3’s, Blender Guppy’s & pitiwazou’s add-ons for more highly polished and incredibly useful Blender tools).

  3. Thanks for all your add-ons, art, and help. I really look forward to each new update and what new features they have to offer. It challenges me to use Blender in ways I wouldn’t have been able to without your add-ons which inspires me to create much more detailed artworks. I’ve only been using Blender for about a year now but have learned so much already. I’m working towards my first big project whatever that turns out to be. Also, I’m learning Python and will be making my own add-ons in the future. You have inspired me in so many ways that I can’t thank you enough.

    I did want to ask about an error I keep receiving when trying to unzip the “Boxcutter 6.8.9 Interdimensional GhostScythe” folder.

    “Can not open files as archive” error message.

    Why do I get “Can not open files as archive” when trying to extract from a zipped folder using 7-Zip?

    I usually have no problem when doing this.
    Is it the folder?

    Thanks in advance for any response. Sorry so drawn out.

      • Looking forward to using Boxcutter Int. GhostScythe 6.8.9. However I still keep getting this error,
        “Can not open file as archive”
        when trying to extract from either folder, the first GhostScythe update and the GhostScythe 3D-box updated folder.

        No matter what program I use to extract,
        I still get an error.

        Everything version of Boxcutter before GhostScythe works.

        I’m researching how to resolve this on
        my own, but any suggestions?
        Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi amazing plugin !
    but i can’t manage to do a 3d box cut.. the tool is actived i’m in perspective mode but when i draw a shape , it’s still cut in view mode 😦 i start from the inside of a selected cube and i use the 6.8.8 version .
    What i’m doing wrong ?

  5. Hey, I just purchased the Boxcutter/Hardops combo – and Blender crashes every single time I use the yellow shape [SHIFT – ctrl – LMB].
    Any help or suggestions?

    FYI: I´m on a Mac with latest OS.
    I have customized the Blender keyboard so basic functions (move, rotate, pan, select etc) are more like Photoshop.

    Thanks! 🙂

  6. Hey Masterxeon,
    thanks for the fast response 🙂
    I just downloaded it from Blendermarket, so I´m thinking I got the latest version? (6.8.9)
    Blender just crashes – no freeze first -, so the Blender console doesn´t say anything.
    I got a 4 kilometer long crash report generated by the OS, so perhaps that will help you?

  7. Ah, sorry – you mean the latest Blender build. I got 2.79 (not the version from today, Aug 09), but I can use 2.80 if that doesnt give me problems with other plugins..?

  8. Hello,

    When I am drawing ngon shape where (or how) I can change angle for angle Snapping ? …(in Box Cutter 4 Update Notes I had found that it was in T panel but in v.6.8.9 I have no such toggle there) ?

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