Boxcutter 714: Fadeblade

It is with great pleasure that we release Boxcutter 714: Fadeblade. This brings a few changes to the way things work as well as additional functionality. Without further ado let’s go over what is new.


Docs have been updated.



Help icon in topbar

Now the help icon is in the topbar to make accessing the documentation easier. As users ask questions we hope to expand on it to automate the learning process of hopscutter.

help icon.gif

Fade V1

Shapes now have the ability to fade into view and fade out of view. This has resulted in a much more graceful experience. This was the most time consuming portion of 714. Great care was taken to improve stability in order to support this system.

Fade times are in milliseconds. Set to low numbers to disable.


Fade adds shape afterfade for lazorcut, greybox, and repeat.


Fade can be adjusted via behavior panel or prefs.

Extraction Hide

Previously extractions would remain in user view. That has now been resolved making for a smoother experience. Also the shading of extractions have been improved making them better for use with kitops.


Behavior Panel >> Display Additional Options


In the behavior panel fade options were added from prefs for changing fade options on the fly. Also simple topbar was added for simplifying the topbar while working if preferred.



Accucut is a new system extending lazorcut’s accuracy.

When using lazorcut in the previous versions it always overshot.


The new version makes it closer to the dimensions of the mesh.


Dots Edit Mode

Dots are back in Boxcutter 714.

When drawing a shape users can tab to live. During live dots exist for Extrude, Offset, Draw and Bevel.


Click the shape to apply.


The draw dot utilizes shift, ctrl and alt draw for fine adjustment of the draw being uniform, center, or corner.


Dots extend to the other shapes in varying degrees.


With circle the diameter and bevel can be changed.

Rounded Snap Dots

Dots for snapping are more rounded. Resulting in a nicer appearance.



Radial Array

Pressing V goes into array. Pressing V twice launches radial array.

The radial array can be shifted to live for movement and fine modification.


Since radial array is live and uses modifiers it starts at 3 at this time. In the future we plan to extend on the functionality of this tool and give it a proper start operation.

Array supports all shapes and modes.


Knife Box Display

I am a big fan of knife box however without wire showing it’s potential is misunderstood.

Now wires will show when knife is in use. Allowing you to see what is being cut and how the underlying geometry is being affected.

On completion wires will be turned back off.


Edit Mode Circle No Tris

I am particular about circle not having interior points. Now in edit mode circle no longer leaves center points.

Keep in mind you can not only cut in edit mode but radial array in edit mode and not to mention being able to shift to live from edit mode to object mode and still modify the asset.


In closing

I am excited for the next horizon for Boxcutter. So much almost made it but had to be cut for time on this release. Alot of things planned for next time so don’t count us out just yet. We even wanna show you one last thing to try.

Set the fade out time to any of these numbers.


I hope everyone enjoys this latest release. We can’t wait to see you guys fading real slow.

25 thoughts on “Boxcutter 714: Fadeblade

  1. Hi,

    I just installed BC 714 (download from Gumroad) on Blender 2.8, and it immediately crashes whenever I make a cut. I tried the add-on with the Blender 2.81 Alpha build, and had the same outcome.
    I’m working on a Mac, and it was installed by “Show Package Contents” with the following path: Contents–>Resources–>2.8–>scripts–>addons–>Boxcutter
    There were no existing installs of Boxcutter at time of install.

    Any idea what I may be doing wrong?


  2. Hi,
    I just updated Blender to 2.80.75 and Boxcutter to 714. I am able to install Boxcutter but when I activate it I just get a list of errors. “Traceback…”
    I am using Win 10.
    Any idea how to fix this?

  3. Is there anyway to see what was changed/updated in the latest minor updates? I’m assuming it is bugfixes but I would like to know what those were 😅

  4. When i try cutting with an ellipse the shape cuts a circle instead? Is this a know issue? version 0.7.14 blender version 2.81 alpha

  5. the addons are loaded but when I click enable, i get register errors:
    “…line 384, in enable mod.register()”
    “…line 370, in register register_class(cls)”
    “ValueError:register_class(…):already registered as a subclass.

    I bought the HOPS and boxcutter bundle off blendermarket. new laptop, new 2.80 install.

    any help would be much appreciated.

  6. The next thing would be to update blender. But I used steam 2.80 with the version up on the markets. It might be the version of blender or the install method. Also install from file works if the folder isn’t present.

    I’ll neutralize the pc in the living room and try it once more but I am using the current 2.80 for installation. I’ll try again.

  7. [video src="" /]

    I just tried it and it let me install without issue. I’ll check into what could be causing this but I am having issues replicating the issue. I’ll keep seeing what can be done on my side.

  8. I downloaded from the link initially.

    When I installed Blender 2.8 i just unzipped it into a folder and then moved a shortcut to the blender.exe to the task bar, Is there a different, preferred, install method?

    I will redo it all as soon as I can, I am a bit limited on internet speed as I am in a very rural county currently, but I do have access to some decent internet for a portion of the day. Will update if I find a resolution.

    I mainly wanted to confirm that I did not need some type of registration to allow it to enable.

    • ok, I had installed blender incorrectly, downloading a zip and just extracting into a file and running it from there. I redownloaded from, and it actually went thru the installation process which ‘registered’ components, which was what was throwing the errors. Thanks for the help.

  9. Hello,
    I have installed this addon in both 2.80 and 2.81 in Windows 7. The toolbars for Box Cutter appear in both as expected but when I try to edit an object I get the following error:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File”C:\users\MSC\Appdata\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.81\scripts\addons\Box Cutter\addon\interface\operator\”,line 277, invoke
    File”C:\users\MSC\Appdata\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.81\scripts\addons\Box Cutter\addon\interface\”,line39,in update_operator
    Attribute Error: ‘WorkSpace’ object has no attribute ‘tools mode’

    I’d really like to try out this addon so advice regarding this error would be very much appreciated.

    I typed this error message out from a screen capture so any typos are mine. I do not know how to attach the capture.


    • I tested it with 2.80 and am not able to replicate the issue.
      [video src="" /]

      Attached is a video of how I went about installing it.

  10. I erased the addon folder, re-installed and everything worked.

    i then realized that I had probably grabbed an old version of Box Cutter on the original install and that was no doubt the cause of the problem. Apologies and thanks for the help.


  11. hi destructive mode in boxcutter doesnt work – it still leaves modifiers. (aslo it would be cool if destructive mode also would delete cutter shapes for quick cut)

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